"We only looked at one wedding venue, and Landgoes Farm was it. We toured the venue and knew it was exactly what we were looking for. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect venue to have our wedding. It is quite literally in the middle of nowhere, but in the best way! It is so quiet and secluded out there and the views of the mountains are beautiful. The barn is so beautiful and you can really easily make it what you want because it is like a big blank canvas that can be dressed up or just left as is because it has that rustic charm already. The laid-back atmosphere of the venue was one of the major selling points for us, as it allowed us to customize things how we wanted, while also keeping things simple, as we didn’t want a “fancy” wedding or one that would cost us a fortune. I can tell you, though, that our wedding felt like a dream without having to break the bank and we are thankful for that. We had so many guests come up to us and tell us how great and gorgeous the venue was.

John and Emily were amazing throughout the entire process, and especially on the day-of. We were not expecting them to be so involved, but they were there all night asking if we needed anything and were so willing to help make the day better than it was already. We cannot thank them enough for hosting our wedding at their property, and making the day as perfect as it was."  -Lisa Ordway

"This is a spectacular setting for a wedding, or other happy event - gorgeous spot with incomparable views, and a fine old barn that is perfect for entertaining! It's also an authentic farm, the sheep are adorable and like to pose, and the hosts are the best, with many talents, including photography and connections to very fine caterers, flower arrangers, and much more. Really one of the most enchanting venues I have ever seen!" -Curtis Koren

"Gorgeous spot, perfect indoor/outdoor combination. Sheep, orchards, sunsets, tree lined lane, perfect for those on a budget (or not) you can have it all: charm, style, comfort, top of the world location! Great for small intimate weddings or enormous weddings!" -Myra Hudson

"A magical quintessential Vermont country wedding venue. Sugar Maple trees line the country road as your guests approach, the perfect barn at the top of the hill next to a green wide pasture offering breathtaking views. Emily and John will treat you like family but also professionally pull off your special day so you won't have a care in the world." -Sylvia Cooley

"Wow, Landgoes farms huge shout out . Your amazing love of country and old fashion ways in the hills of Vermont tucked away setting. From the Old barn to the views and props. Thank you so very much Emily and John."  -Lesia Vorachak

"Emily, John, Eli and Ira, it was a true pleasure to get to celebrate our special day with you. Each one of you, the barn, the sheep, ponies, horses, and all of Landgoes farm, will forever hold a precious place in our hearts (and in the hearts of all of our guests, I'm almost certain). Infinite thanks for opening your home and hearts to us and sharing in the celebration! We'll keep in touch and look forward to our paths crossing again in the future! Much love. " Maia and James Botha